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Care Home & Hospital Bundle

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Art: 12.0500 (Blue Rubber Gloves), 
Sizes: 8 | 9 | 10, Material: Latex,
Packaging: 12 pairs per bundle

Art: 112.0400 (Yellow Rubber Gloves),
Sizes: S | M | L | XL, Material: Natural latex, 
Packaging: 12 pairs per bundle

Art: 114.1000 (Green Chem. Res. Gloves),
Sizes: 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11, Material: Nitrile,
Packaging: 12 pairs per bundle

Art: 114.622 (Blue Single-use Gloves),
Sizes: S | M | L | XL, Material: Nitrile,
Packaging: 500 pcs per bundle

Art: 112.110 (Off-white Single-use Gloves),
Sizes: S | M | L | XL, Material: Latex,
Packaging: 500 pcs per bundle

Art: 111.220 (Powder-Free Single-use Gloves), 
Sizes: S | M | L | XL, Material: Vinyl,
Packaging: 500 pcs per bundle

Art: 210.0070 (Sleeve Covers), 
Sizes: 43 cm, Material: PE,
Packaging: 500 pcs per bundle

Art: 904.1000 (Glove Dispenser), 
Sizes: 25x13x8 cm, Material: Plexiglas,
Packaging: 2 pcs per bundle

Art: 210.0032 (LDPE Disposable Apron),
Sizes: 90×150 cm, Material: LDPE,
Packaging: 250 pcs per bundle


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Product Description

Please contact us and let us know the sizes of each specific item in the bundle you looking for just before you make an order.

In the bundle are located:

Cleaning gloves:

112.0500 Special Rubber Gloves in Unique Latex Mixture Unlined. (12 Pairs)

  • The gloves have a nitrile inner coating, and therefore provides extra protection. Consequently there is no skin contact with the latex coating on the gloves’ surface.
  • The gloves do not absorb cold as quickly as other gloves, which is good when working on production lines.
  • Very comfortable to wear on your hands.

112.0400 Rubber Gloves With rolled cuff, cotton flock lined. (12 Pairs)

  • Comfortable and soft.
  • Grip pattern.
  • Sanitized – to prevent bad odours.

114.1000 Nitrile Unsupported Chemical Resistant Gloves Cotton flock lined. (12 Pairs)

  • Specially designed to provide outstanding abrasion and solvent resistance.
  • Anti-slip pattern for good grip in wet and dry conditions.
  • Manufactured under a stringent quality management system.
  • Can be used in repeated contact with food.

Examination gloves:

114.622 Single-use Gloves Magic Touch® Soft Nitrile™, powder-free. Indigo colour. (500 PCS)

  • Soft and strong nitrile of highest quality.
  • Thinner than similar gloves, nearly same elasticity and touch sensitivity as that of latex.
  • Micro textured for optimum grip.
  • Resistant to grease, fats, detergents, etc.
  • Approved for medical use (EN 455).

112.110 Single-use Gloves Latex, powder-free. Off-white colour. (500 PCS)

  • Best quality.
  • Micro textured for improved grip.
  • Approved for medical use (EN 455).
  • For handling all types of food, catering and preparation.
  • Double wall thickness (finger): 0,28 mm.

111.220 Single-use Gloves Vinyl, powder-free. Clear colour. (500 PCS)

  • Best quality.
  • Recommended for the healthcare sector, and approved for medical use (EN 455).
  • Do not provoke chemical or latex allergic reaction and is therefore very skin friendly.
  • May not be used in direct contact with fatty foods.
  • Double wall thickness (finger): 0,11 mm.

Sleeve covers: 

210.0070 Polythene Sleeve Covers 43 cm, 16 microns. (500 PCS)

  • Elastic opening and wristband.

Glove dispenser:

904.1000 Glove Dispenser Made of strong Plexiglass. (2 PCS)

  • Fits most boxes of disposable gloves.
  • 25 cm long, 13 cm high and 8 cm deep.

Food serving:

210.0032 LDPE Disposable Apron, 40 microns (250 PCS)

  • Perforated tear line and holes for hanging.
  • Thickness: 40 microns.
  • 100% virgin PE, food approved.

Bundle Suitable for: Care Homes & Hospital environments etc…

The descriptions, characteristics, applications and photos are given for information purposes and do not constitute a contractual commitment. The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications deemed necessary.

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