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Safety-Cap Overshoes “TOTAL PROTECT”

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Product Description

Non-slip overshoes with safety toe cap.

As a worldwide innovation, TOTAL-PROTECT is intended to protect against slipping risks and toe crush injuries.

  • The safety cap is made of an aluminum/titanium alloy, 50% lighter than steel but as resistant.
  • The anti-slip sole from Tigergrip® technology secures all your moves on greasy or wet floors and guarantee security and comfort.

TOTAL PROTECT is a real alternative for a better safety at the workplace.

TOTAL PROTECT is THE solution that will allow you to secure your workplace.

TOTAL PROTECT is an efficient and economic product that can be used in every environment presenting slipping problems or toe crushing threats.

This product will solve, at the same time, two different issues: Slipping and toe crushing injuries.

A worldwide innovative concept: Only 4 sizes to cover shoe sizes from 34 to 50 thanks to its stretch-fit structure. Easy to identify thanks to the colored toe caps.

  • Outstanding grip coefficient
  • Reusable
  • Suitable for all types shoes
  • Water resistant
  • Minimal storage
  • CE PPE certified

TOTAL PROTECT is available in 4 sizes, easy to identify thanks to the color-coded cap.

  • Yellow for Small sizesidentify_your_size1
  • Brown for Medium sizes
  • Red for large sizes
  • Green for Extra large sizes

Each pair is packed in an individual bag: functional and easy storage.

Above-mentioned sizes are approximate; it could be necessary to adapt overshoes to the user’s shoes width.


Suitable for: Warehouses | Industries | Logistics | Food processing | Industrial Cleaning | Hotels | Catering industry | Oil & Gas | & Hospital environments etc…


TOTAL PROTECT CERTIFICATIONS CE certified as a risk 2 PPE equipment, TOTAL PROTECT meets the standards required by CTC, the European organization of certification.

TOTAL PROTECT is the best product to solve your slipping and toe crush issues.

Safety cap: Its aluminum/titanium safety cap meets the requirements of EN 12 568.

Its toe cap is 50% lighter than steel but just as resistant.

It has been tested to a 200 joules resistance, including 1500 DaN Compression (a 20 kg object falls of 20 meters.)

Outstanding grip coefficient: In order to grant you complete protection, TOTAL PROTECT also has an outstanding grip factor thanks to its antislip sole from Tigergrip® technology.

It can protect you from slipping injuries on greasy or wet floors. It meets the standards of the EN 13278 requirements concerning anti-slip properties.

The descriptions, characteristics, applications and photos are given for information purposes and do not constitute a contractual commitment. The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications deemed necessary.

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