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Shoe Cover Dispenser

£225.00 Inc. Vat


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Packaging: 1 pc.
Our Price: Price/pc.
Colour: White
Material: Plastic
Art: 904.2000

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Product Description

Shoe Cover Dispenser Simple mechanical design. No power or electricity needed.

  • Shoe covers are automatically applied, with no need for the user to bend down.
  • A bundle of 110 shoe covers can be quickly and easily loaded into the dispenser.
  • With no need for electrical power, the shoe cover dispenser can be placed anywhere.
  • The internal mechanical design is so simple it cannot be damaged.
  • The safest and most efficient shoe cover dispenser on the market.
  • Significantly reduces the consumption of shoe covers.
  • Makes cleaning easier and less costly.

Suitable for: Hospitals | Oil rigs | Factories | Laboratories | Offices | Computer rooms, etc.

The descriptions, characteristics, applications and photos are given for information purposes and do not constitute a contractual commitment. The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications deemed necessary.
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